How do I return or exchange an item or item(s)?

Follow the instructions here

Do you restock styles that are sold out?

We don't suggest waiting until styles are sold out as many styles will never restock. We do restock some styles from time to time.

What is the brands mission?

Our founder understands that many of us go through life with beliefs that aren't our own. We listen to others opinions and take them as truth. We must free our minds and escape the enslavement of the modern economical system.

Do you have a retail store?

At this time we are available exclusively online

Can I buy enslaved at my local mall?

No, we aren't a mall brand

How do you sell such premium product at fair prices?

We aren't greedy. We make our clothing in the same places, with the same materials, as many ultra luxury brands. We hand distress every pair of our ripped/vintage jeans in Los Angeles just like the brands that charge $500+. Many brands that charge ridiculous prices use the insane profits to live a lavish lifestyle. We don't need mansions around the world, luxury offices, private jets and such. Do a little research online about the owners of luxury fashion brands, and you'll see why they charge higher prices. It's not necessarily that you're getting a better product, you're just paying for them to live a luxury lifestyle.